Pitkä Koirat:
A Horse in the Folds

An absurdist drama by Kelso Steinhoff


Pitkä Koirat: A Horse In The Folds is more than a horse story. In fact, it is barely a horse story at all. Set in an alternate reality where the folklore centers on mankind’s spiritual relationship with nature, in particular horses, it follows ARTO, a man in his early 20s, as he struggles to balance his zealous dedication to the folklore and his family and friends’ growing disenchantment with his eccentricities. Spurred by the belief that his deceased mother became a horse after her death, Arto strives to find a way to make the transition from man to horse himself and rejoin his mother.

Why Donate?

“We don’t make movies to make money,
we make money to make more movies.”
- Walt Disney

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The world knows – Canada has talent! And it stretches through every facet of the arts from our actors to our dancers, to our visual artists and filmmakers. What people probably don’t realize is that there is a lot of untapped talent coming straight out of our universities just looking for their first break into the industry. And it’s tough. At the end of the day this is a very challenging business to be in, let alone to break into! In our last year of film school at Ryerson University in Toronto, we embark on making an ambitious, short film that we hope excites you (our potential investors) to learn about as much as it excites us to make! With all of our passion and dedication going towards our final year film, we do need your help! Believe it or not, in Ontario we receive the lowest per-capita funding in all of North America and because we are students, we are disqualified from receiving film grants – period!

But potential untapped will always just remain potential. So we ask you to tap into our potential and yours and be part of our team! When those credits roll, we want your name to be rolling with ours!

Investing in Absurdity...

PITKÄ KOIRAT: A HORSE IN THE FOLDS is a film that was inspired by sketch comedy television masters Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, who produce surrealistic, often satirical, anti-humor programs. Although we have developed our script to have far more dramatic tones and we intend to shoot this like a high concept film, our content still falls under this absurd genre and has a distinct, North American niche audience. It is hoped that that this cinematic venture will reach the same target audience as Tim and Eric’s short film THE TERRY’S (2011) and their most recent feature THE COMEDY (2012), which both went on to be showcased in the internationally acclaimed Sundance Film Festival. With this in mind, the story’s serious emotional arc played as a drama, also has the potential to appeal to anyone who has dealt with grief and coping, and has turned to a spiritual path in order to gain comfort.

We have been lucky enough to assemble an incredibly strong production team made up of filmmakers – our friends – to make our dream film into a real film. Our vision is to produce a film of the visual, audio, and narrative quality that you’d normally expect on a typical Hollywood movie; the only differences being that our movie is shorter, our budget is much, much lower, and our story is refreshingly offbeat! To make this happen we are looking to raise a mere $10,000.00, only a fraction of a major Hollywood production. This money will help tremendously with all areas of production.

As Canadians we need to support each other and our talented film industry. Without your support, this film is being funded completely out of student pockets, specifically those of our Director and Producer!

We want to make this a people-powered film and you can help us meet our goals by donating to our production!

Get Your Name On the Credits Alongside Ours!

Anyone who donates will get a thank you credit in the film and a private link to the finished film. Donations of $25+ will be able to access sneak peak presentations on the making of our film! A contribution of $500+ (Hey Big Spender!) will land you an Executive Producer title on PITKÄ KOIRAT: A HORSE IN THE FOLDS and a sense of gratification that you have helped a Canadian film! - Just a side note: Ryerson University films tend to do really well in festivals!

Where does the money go?

  • Paying for our live, stunt horse who is a lead in our film!
  • And of course his film/TV acting coach, acclaimed stunt horse trainer, Tom Bishop
  • Access to the historical, early 19th century, ghost town located at Balls Falls Conservation Area in the Niagara region!
  • Access to filming at a rustic barn and cabin located in the city of Toronto
  • The RED Epic Camera (used in movies like The Hobbit, 300, & Thor!)
  • Art Department from props, to costumes, to special effects makeup, and set dressing. Who knew this could cost so much?! Every penny we obtain to go into art department will make for a more visually impressive film that greatly helps build the environment we are creating!
  • Transporting & accommodating our sizeable cast & crew from Toronto to Niagara for 3 days of production
  • Equally important, feeding our cast & crew! Known fact: A well fed cast & crew = a happy set!
  • Insurance
  • Marketing & Film Festivals Submissions

What if you don’t reach the goal?

The steps to making this film are already in motion and we have locked our production dates for December 2013! We are committed to making this movie even if we do not raise the full amount we are asking for – the show must go on!

“I think ultimately if you have a very high expectation of your audience and you know exactly what it is you're trying to express through the medium of film, there will always be an audience for you.”

- Atom Egoyan

Thank You!

From the team of PITKA KOIRAT: A HORSE IN THE FOLDS, we thank you for starting at the top of this page and making your way down to the bottom. Hopefully, this means you've read what we're about and are seriously considering helping us! If donating isn't an option (no problem!), you can still help by sharing our campaign with your friends and colleagues via email, word of mouth, and social media!

With warmest regards,


Our Team

  • Kelso Steinhoff

    Kelso Steinhoff

    Kelso Steinhoff is a renaissance man, but you'd never hear it from him, nor would he admit to it. He is in his element, whether behind or in front of the camera, having acted in a variety of shorts and plays including the sold out Fringe Festival play "Video Games: The Musical" and rubbing shoulders with Paul Gross and Frank Siracusa during his time at Whizbang Films. Most recently, he was director and cowriter of WAY CHARN! THE LEGEND OF SCRIN PIPJAW, a short film, which screened at Toronto Independent Film Festival and has recently been picked up by a development company in LA to be pitched across the continent as a series.

  • Charles Hutchings

    Charles Hutchings

    Charles Hutchings is a man who likes tight pants and tight sentence structure. He has been writing since he could hold a pen (February 4th, 1995) and intends on doing so until he can't any longer. Having rejected an acceptance to study creative writing at the prestigious Trinity College, U of T, Charles opted to wade into the luke warm waters of film, at Ryerson University. Since that seemingly ill-informed decision, he has gone on to write a body of work including award-winning screenplays (WAY CHARN! THE LEGEND OF SCRIN PIPJAW), short stories, poems, and songs. He is currently trying to quit smoking and has two cats.

  • Kristin Elsley

    Kristin Elsley

    Strategic, visionary, creative producer with a passion for both television and filmmaking. Kristin Elsley has had the pleasure of working as a Producer on several short films, some of which are circulating the Toronto film festival circuit, including TIFF. Coming from a theatrical background as a performer on stage and in musical theatre, her skill set is extensive and eclectic making her a strong contributor to the creative process from pre to post production. Currently, Kristin works with Darren Portelli at Spiral Entertainment Ltd. in Toronto as a producer’s assistant where she has had the privilege of working on two feature films funded by Telefilm. She also works as a Producer for HyperIris Co., where she has been developing a slate of commercials for the company’s clientele.

  • Nikolay Michaylov

    Nikolay Michaylov

    Nikolay Michaylov is a 4th year film student at Ryerson University. He is an aspiring cinematographer and filmmaker based in Toronto. Nikolay’s on set experience is extensive and he has worked on a range of cinematic projects from dramas to comedies. Currently Nikolay is collaborating on a feature film with the MDFF as a cinematographer. His efforts have earned him a few awards, which include an achievement of cinematography for his 2nd year at Ryerson.

  • Matti Bianchi

    Matti Bianchi

    Production Designer
    Matthew Bianchi started his career in Production Design against his will, and has since never looked back. His extensive experience in the art department includes Art Directing a TV pilot, flipping an apartment in two days, driving enormous trucks, and nearly killing himself assembling Ikea furniture alone. He shares many experiences and long days with Bryn Wiebe, his frequent collaborator, navigator on long trips, and life support on overnight shoots. His vision, dedication, and cunning negotiation skills are what makes him a great Production Designer. At least that's what people are saying. His most recent short film work Paradise Falls (2013) has been showcased at the Edmonton International Film Festival and at the Toronto International Film Festival

  • Rebeccah-Love

    Rebeccah Love

    Co-Production Designer
    Before attending Ryerson for Film Production, Rebeccah attended the University of King’s College, focusing on the classic stories making up the Western canon. She has since directed one stage performance (Alice’s Story, Theatre Passe Muraille), two narrative shorts (Pitching for the Heights - 2013, The Back of Love – 2011) and two documentaries (She Poses – 2012, Out of Body Experience – 2012). Her passion also lies in the Art Department, where she has Production Designed (A Joyful End – 2011, The Desert – 2012) and Art Directed (Alan’s Study – 2012, Lustre – 2013, Luna Moth – 2013, Circles – 2013). She has also written the screenplay for Circles, which played at the Max Ex festival, May 2013, and for Pitching for the Heights, which was completed this fall.

  • Bryn Wiebe

    Bryn Wiebe

    Art Director
    Bryn Wiebe was born and raised in the weird and wonderful prairie city of Winnipeg. Under the influence of great movies, great clothes, and the inspirational Lucy Liu, she made the move to Toronto and clawed her way through film school at Ryerson. Her experience in art and costumes includes building a jungle in a mansion, delving into the strange world of puppetry, and becoming a little too familiar with the Ikea catalog. She shares most of those experiences with Matt Bianchi, her co-production designer, soulmate, and emergency contact. Her most recent short film works Paradise Falls (2013), and Firecrackers (2013) have been showcased from Vancouver to TIFF, and all the way to Munich.

  • Daniel Haack

    Daniel Haack

    Daniel Haack has been editing for six years; everything from music videos to promotional material to dramatic short films and trailers. For the entirety of his Image Arts career, he’s had success editing films such as The Norman Hole, Way Charn!, and Bridges, the latter two winning awards for cinematography and best film, respectively, at Maximum Exposure last spring. Outside of school, Daniel has edited numerous live music performances and music videos for local bands: Lights, Teenage Kicks, The Junction, Pkew Pkew Pkew, Topanga (now PUP), Dangerband, The Balconies, Greys, Aria Tesolin. He has also edited material for The Royal Ontario Museum, Coalition Records, and even had brief segments of Aria Tesolin's music video My Heart is a Factory featured on E! Talk Canada. Currently, Daniel is editing a feature-length documentary focusing on the band Wildlife as they record their latest album.

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Actor: Conor Casey
Role: Arto
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Actor: Richard Clarkin
Role: Truut
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Actor: Charles Hutchings
Role: Bergjan
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David Ludwig
Role: Farmer Doug
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Terry Jansen
Role: Jerko
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Emil Glassbourg
Role: Guest #1

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